Inside the Massage Envy Spa in the New York City borough of Brooklyn
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Instead of having a luxurious spa day to celebrate a birthday, three women had four police officers come into their private room at a Brooklyn, N.Y., spa Feb. 19 to ask if the credit card they had used to pay for the services was, in fact, stolen, the New York Daily News reports.

And even though Kimmell McIntosh, 35; Melanie Henry, 33; and Maxine Henry, 43—all cousins—vehemently denied that the card was stolen, police arrested Maxine Henry and McIntosh and detained them in a holding cell for three hours, only to find out after a brief investigation that the women were, in fact, telling the truth.


The cops were initially tipped off by an employee of the spa, Massage Envy, who called police because the last four digits of the credit card that the women had used were identical to that of another of the spa’s clients.

The trio said the police were initially hostile and pressured them to admit that the card was stolen.

“They also said they were going to bring in the woman who owned the card,” said Melanie Henry.

The cops questioned the trio at the spa for about 10 minutes and then arrested them, much to McIntosh’s disbelief.


“We thought it was a prank,” said McIntosh, adding, “We were waiting for the cameras and Ashton Kutcher.”

A police spokeswoman issued a statement about the incident, acknowledging that the group was innocent. “After investigation, it was determined the individuals did not commit any crimes and the arrests were voided,” the rep said.


All three women are planning to sue Massage Envy and the New York City Police Department. Each of them is seeking $1 million in damages.

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