2nd Suspect Arrested in the Charlottesville, Va., Beating of Deandre Harris

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office
Monroe County Sheriff’s Office

He’s known for being the Puerto Rican white nationalist who calls himself “Spanish” but swears he isn’t racist. But now Alex Michael Ramos is behind bars after turning himself in for taking part in the beating of Deandre Harris in Charlottesville, Va.


Ramos surrendered Monday evening at the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia and faces a malicious wounding charge, according to the Associated Press.

On Aug. 12, during the Unite the Right rally, Ramos, along with Daniel Borden and several unidentified attackers, pummeled Harris with poles and other objects in a parking garage just several feet away from a police department. But according to Ramos, he was acting in self-defense.

The unemployed construction worker, who will be extradited to Virginia, still contends that he’s not racist.

“I was there because, pretty much, I’m a conservative. ... There were some nonracist members who were going to a free speech rally,” he told CBS46.


Ironically, Ramos also went on to blame the Charlottesville Police Department for not stopping the fight.

Read more at the Asssociated Press and CBS46.

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Oh look, yet another non-White White Nationalist.

These guys do realise that “White Nationalism” is shorthand for “WASP Nationalism” right?

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