25 people who think President Obama killed Breitbart: The theory is that Breitbart had a video from the president's college years, so he had to be taken out. Wow. But Buzzfeed has a list of people who — if you can believe they're serious — are all over the conspiracy theory.

Racism in 30 vintage ads: The products, like the rice in one ad, are innocent enough. The racial stereotypes and xenophobia ("Did you ever see a fat Chinese?" is just one example): Not so much. We're pretty sure these never sent people of color running to purchase anything.  

Photography book responds to "black women are unattractive" study: Remember the infamous Psychology Today article "Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?" by psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa? Photographer Paul Phillips responded to the junk science with quality art: a coffee table book filled with images celebrating the beauty and spirit of black women.


Morgan Freeman closes Mississippi restaurant: Actor Morgan Freeman and his business partner are closing their upscale restaurant in the heart of the impoverished Mississippi Delta. They say its 10-year run helped spur redevelopment in Clarksdale. 

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