21 Savage Turns Himself In for Felony Theft Warrant

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You would think that after all the hell rapper 21 Savage went through to finally win his freedom after facing deportation from ICE, that he’d be able to lay low and plot out his next moves.


But apparently that’s not the case, as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports the “A Lot” spitter surrendered to authorities on Friday, following his pre-taped Good Morning America appearance, for a felony theft by deception warrant. Per the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, he was later released.

According to TMZ, the charge stems from a failed concert booking from 2016, in which a promoter paid the Atlanta native $17,000 for a performance he never followed through with. So to recoup his loses, the promoter filed paperwork to get a warrant issued for the 26-year-old rapper’s arrest.

“He is trying to clean up his past as much as he can and rapper Jay-Z has been trying to help him,” Liberty County Sheriff Steve Sikes told the Coastal Courier. “The warrant is from some years ago and he went through the process and addressed the issue.”

“This is really a civil contract dispute,” said Abbi Taylor, one of 21 Savage’s attorneys. “We are optimistic that it will be resolved to the satisfaction of all of the parties and dismissed.”

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Old white guy

This is really a civil contract dispute

No, it IS a civil contract dispute. I had no idea you could file a theft warrant over breach of contract. Must be a white thing, because otherwise Donald trump would have so many arrest warrants on him from all his unpaid contractors...