2 Arizona Boys Honored as Heroes After Saving Woman From Burning Apartment

Malikah Barfield and Bryson Burris (KSAZ Fox 10 Phoenix screenshot)

Two Arizona boys are showing that age is nothing but a number when it comes to acts of heroism as they were acknowledged and honored by their community for saving a woman from her burning apartment.

“Here we have a couple of young men who not only got involved, but because they got involved, they saved lives; it’s a big deal,” Glendale, Ariz., Fire Chief Terry Garrison said Tuesday at a ceremony honoring the boys.


The incident began Oct. 12 when 14-year-old Malikah Barfield and 12-year-old Bryson Burris heard cries and saw smoke coming from a nearby apartment, KSAZ Fox 10 Phoenix reports.

The two boys jumped into action, grabbing a fire extinguisher and working to put out the fire.

“And they took it upon themselves to not only get a fire extinguisher, but to get in the door, help the woman out and put the fire out,” Police Officer Ashley Losch said. “That is an amazing act for anyone, but especially a 12- and 14-year-old.”

Police say the woman living in the building had attempted suicide, taking pills and intentionally starting the fire in her kitchen. If the boys had not acted quickly before first responders got there, the woman likely would have died.


However, to the boys, it was all in a day’s work.

“I would want help if that happened to me, also, so I would want to help someone else out, instead of just standing there, waiting for the fire department and the police department to help,” Malikah told the news station.


“If I was in that situation, I would want someone to help me also, so I really don’t see, like, I would expect people to do this for other people,” Bryson added. “I really don’t see how special it is. I just see it as a normal thing.”


Read more at KSAZ Fox 10 Phoenix.

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