2 White Women Attack Their Latinx Neighbors, Call the Police on Them, and End Up Going to Jail Themselves

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Screenshot: Carlos Ruiz (Facebook video)

Don’t worry, I’m not going to bother giving these two Beckys a cutesy nickname, but I am still going to tell the story of what they did, because I’m tired of white women and their antics.


(I shouldn’t have to keep saying this, but we know “not all white women.” Shut the entire fuck up with that shit.)

Carlos Ruiz is a resident of Commerce City, Co., a suburb of Denver. On Monday night, he posted pictures and videos to his Facebook account that showed his mother and sister being attacked by two white women he identifies as 26-year-old twins that live across the street from him and his family.

According to Ruiz’s post detailing what happened, his mother was at the home of a neighbor, inquiring as to how much it would cost to have carpet installed in her home. That is when the two young women started screaming “racist things” across the street, questioning how it was possible that Mexicans could have enough money to afford a home in that neighborhood as well as the cars that Ruiz and his family own.

When his mother started walking back to her home, Ruiz says the two women ran across the street and began physically attacking her by punching her and pulling her hair. His sister saw what was happening and came outside to help her mother. That is when the two women began attacking his sister as well. His sister was actually able to physically defend herself, so of course, the two seemingly drunk and/or drugged out white girls began playing the victim. They informed Ruiz’s family that they are going to call the police and taunt them by saying “Who do you think they are going to believe?”

Ruiz included three videos in his post which show the women being combative, physically aggressive and saying things like “Look at yourself, compared to me. Who are you? Who are you to us? All of you!”

He said that there were more videos, but out of respect for his mother and sister, he did not post them.


When the police arrived to sort things out, the women told them that they are innocent and were attacked for no reason by Ruiz’s family.

“She just pulled my hair and socked me in the face,” one of the women can be heard saying as an officer in the background instructs them to go back across the street and stand by their house.


But of course, because whiteness, the women didn’t listen and continued to hurl insults at Ruiz’s family.

An officer tells the two Beckys “This is not looking good for you, let me just tell you that right now,” but that means nothing, because white privilege is a helluva drug—and being high off their own supply makes the two albino wind hags continue to make asses of themselves even as they continued to claim they were not the aggressors in the incident.


The cop asks them again to go back to their own house and warns them that if they make another verbal attack against Ruiz’s family, they will be going to jail.

So what do you think happens?

If you guessed “they continue to hurl racist insults at Ruiz’s family,” you are absolutely correct.


Not only do the women tell the cops that they refuse to go wait at their home, but they then call Ruiz’s mother and sister “old fat Mexican bitches.”

According to a report from Now This Politics, the incident occurred on May 7. Both women were arrested and charged with bias-motivated assault and trespassing. There is also a restraining order against them.


Ruiz told Now This that because the women live so close, he and his family are looking for a new place to live.

The Root has reached out to both Ruiz and the Commerce City police. We will update this story if we receive a response.

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First of all, Commerce City is pretty f’n working class/blue collar and you can clearly see their block is in the video. Second of all....where do these drunk, People of WalMart reject, tweaker lookin broads get the nerve enough to be a) UPPITY and b) to come outside looking like that?