2 Teens Secure Plea Deal in Facebook Live Gang Rape Case


Two teenagers involved in the sexual assault of a 15-year-old Chicago girl that was streamed on Facebook Live back in March have agreed to plead guilty as part of a plea deal.

According to CBS News, in exchange for a guilty plea to a single count of child pornography, the two 15-year-olds will be sentenced to probation. The exact length of their probation will be determined by Judge Patricia Mendoza in January.

Both teens had originally faced charges of aggravated sexual assault and the manufacture and dissemination of child pornography.


Police say as many as six individuals took part in the horrific assault of the teen girl. The assault was watched live by about 40 viewers, but no one called the authorities to report the attack.

The attackers also threatened to sic a pit bull on the victim if she tried to escape, according to prosecutors.


During the initial hearing, one of the two boys claimed that the other suspect told the victim that she could “have sex the easy way or the hard way.”

“Both videotaped these egregious actions,” Assistant State’s Attorney Maha Gardner said at the time of the hearing. “They didn’t stop there. They put them up on Facebook for the world to see.”


Both of the boys knew the girl, according to Gardner, and lured her to the basement where she was ultimately attacked.

Read more at CBS News.

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Seriously? Probation for a gang rape that these dummies filmed themselves committing?

Prosecutors are being way too lenient here, even taking into account the perpetrators’ age.