2 NYPD Cops Charged With Raping Teenager in Police Van


After listening to evidence for a week, a grand jury has charged two officers in the New York City Police Department with the first-degree rape of an 18-year-old woman.

According to the New York Post, Officers Eddie Martins and Richard Hall are alleged to have detained the victim in the city’s Brooklyn borough on Sept. 15 for possession of marijuana and an anti-anxiety drug. The officers reportedly handcuffed the victim and drove her in a police van to the parking lot of a nearby Chipotle restaurant, where Martins allegedly raped her and both policemen raped her orally, forcing her to perform oral sex on them.

“This validates what my client has always said: that she was kidnapped, handcuffed, brutally raped and then thrown onto the street by two on-duty officers,” the victim’s attorney told the Post. “We would expect the police commissioner to take immediate action in firing these two officers. Additionally, we request that all this shaming and smearing of the victim of this vicious attack be stopped immediately. We look forward to the conviction of these individuals.”


After the grand jury returned its indictment, the woman praised the charges from a Twitter account under the alias Anna Chambers.


The cops face a minimum of three years and a maximum of 25 years in prison if they are convicted. They are now suspended without pay and are scheduled to turn themselves in sometime early next week. The police officers involved have repeatedly told their colleagues that the sex was consensual.

Of course, only a cop could believe that a handcuffed teenager arrested for drug possession can’t wait to have sex with a police officer.


Read more at the New York Post.

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When cops commit violent crimes, they should be treated like the rest of the population (of black and brown folks), and be handcuffed, beaten within an inch of their lives, publicly humiliated, and get a disproportionate amount of jail/prison time based on the fact that they are public servants hired to protect and serve—not to use their authority to coerce, exploit, and harm (said black and brown folks).