2 Chicago Police Officers Help Homeless Mother With 2 Sets of Twins

ABC7Chicago screenshot
ABC7Chicago screenshot

A homeless mother with two sets of twins is no longer homeless after two Chicago police officers went above and beyond the call of duty. Officers Matthew Jackson and Howard Ray, with the 11th District, came across the woman after she appeared at the police station looking for help when the local shelters couldn’t provide the family the space needed.


“I walk into the station, and I saw a single parent crying, a single mother crying with her four children,” Jackson said.

The woman, who was homeless after returning to the area from South Dakota, apparently did have ties to the city. Once Jackson and Ray decided to put on their detective hats, they managed to track down the woman’s mother.


Once they tracked down the grandmother, they also helped supply her with the necessary items to take on four children.

“When we put the clothes on the table, and the toys, they were jumping everywhere. Like jumping jacks, they were jumping everywhere. The little girl recognized me and she was saying, ‘Officer Ray! Officer Ray!’” Ray said.

What law enforcement needs are a few more people like Jackson and Ray.

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