Two students at Montclair State University in New Jersey have been arrested for allegedly reporting fake racial threats on campus, according to The students, Olivia McCrae, 19, and Tanasia Linton, 19, both African American, have been charged with disorderly conduct, false reports to law enforcement and criminal mischief.


McCrae and Linton told school officials that racist graffiti was sprayed in their dorm Feb. 7 while the campus was already up in arms over a homophobic slur. The graffiti reportedly said "Blacks Only" on a door, with an arrow pointing to their room, and "N—ger black b—ch you will die" on their dorm-room wall, according to the Gothamist.

The girls reportedly asked the school to install video cameras on their floor, but after an investigation, university officials determined that the girls were responsible for the graffiti.


While the university has yet to disclose how it discovered that these students were the culprits, if that is true, these two young girls have done an injustice to those around the world who really experience acts of racism in their schools or workplace.

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