NC High School Basketball Coach Killed Trying to Rob Notorious Mexican Drug Cartel

Barney Harris
Barney Harris
Screenshot: Fox46

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“Stephen,” he said. “There are three things in life that you don’t fuck with: the IRS, white women, and the Sinaloa cartel.”

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It looks like a North Carolina high school basketball coach chose the wrong one to fuck with as he was killed in a shooting with a notorious Mexican drug cartel during a robbery that went bad.

According to WCNC, Barney Harris was shot and killed Thursday, April 8, during an attempted robbery with an accomplice. Harris and Steven Alexander Stewart Jr. reportedly tried to rob a Sinaloa drug cartel stash house of money and drugs.

“It was believed that this was during a home invasion,” Sheriff Terry Johnson told the news station.

Turns out that Stewart, Harris’ brother-in-law, killed a drug runner, which started the shootout. Harris was found inside the drug house suffering from multiple gunshot wounds despite wearing a bulletproof vest.


Stewart was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and first-degree burglary, WCNC reports.

“I can tell you this right now. When we are dealing with the Mexican drug cartel, somebody’s probably going to die as a result of this right here, somewhere else. And we did not want to put it out there until we could get a good grip of what’s going on here,” Johnson said.


Detectives said that the scene looked “like an old western shootout” as several different shell casings from multiple guns were found at the scene.

The sheriff’s office reportedly seized “five firearms, about $7,000 in cash, and 1.2 kilograms of suspected cocaine,” at the scene.


Meanwhile, the community is shocked as they can’t believe that a high school basketball coach who also taught Spanish classes at the school was involved in the crime.

“Nothing surprises me; there are people in families who have relatives that violate the law and never know what’s going on,” Johnson said.


Union Academy, the school where Harris worked as a varsity basketball and track coach, had nothing but kind words for their former colleague who was apparently living a double life.

“He will be greatly missed by his family, friends, players, students and colleagues. The Harris family asks for your thoughts and prayers and to please respect their privacy at this time.”


*I don’t have a great grandfather named Ferguson Rotimi Jebediah Crockett, but I imagine if I did, this would’ve been what he told me.

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Are the cops gonna do something about the, you know, Mexican drug cartel that seems to have set up shop in their town? Maybe they’re paying off all the right folks.