Actor Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges in 2006
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Being black is an experience. It's likely that the first thing you think of upon reading that sentence is, "Yeah, because … racism," but that's not the experience I’m talking about. The black experience I'm talking about focuses on the small yet mighty things we do that deserve a standing ovation.

You've seen your mom at the sink cleaning chitlins like her life depends on it. There's no award for that, even though they're one of the most disgusting, smelly things ever to hit your nose hairs. Someone needs to give Momma her just due.

There are so many more black experiences that deserve to be recognized—so, for your culture-appreciation pleasure, here are some of them:

1. Getting the hot comb in “the kitchen” without burning the neck, ears, back or scalp—no matter how short the hair.


2. Turning a double Dutch rope.

3. Cleaning chitlins.


4. Being able to do tight, perfect cornrows.

5. Putting beads on the ends of braids.


6. Instilling the fear of God with one perfect side eye.

7. Accompanying on the tambourine.


8. Generating enough air with the church fan to actually cool off.

9. Having a barber who can keep the forehead line straight.


10. Recycling old grease.

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11. Creating magic with some gel and a toothbrush: #BabyHair.


12. Sleeping in one position so as not to disturb a new hairdo.

What are some unsung black experiences you feel need to be recognized? Comment below!