12 Signs You're Already in Love


"Modern Day Matchmaker" Paul Carrick Brunson writes in his Essence column that if you can relate to more than half of the items on his newest list, you need to stop reading and tell your significant other that it's more than infatuation.

You want to tell everyone about the person.

If you feel like getting on a mountaintop with a megaphone and shouting your feelings about the person to the world, you’re already in love.

You share your dreams with them.

Our dreams are often the most precious thoughts we have. If you can share them in full, you’re already in love.

They can tell you the truth.

Even when the truth hurts, if you can accept it from them, you’re already in love.

You let them answer your phone.

Yup, you’re already in love.

Read Paul Carrick Brunson's entire column at Essence.

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