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A huge part of the Gerontology Research Group’s focus is to keep track of people who live past 110 years. And after the death of a 114-year-old woman in Pennsylvania, it has now bestowed its “oldest living person in America” honor upon 113-year-old Lessie Brown of Cleveland Heights, Ohio.


According to Fox 8, Brown’s 88-year-old daughter, Verline Wilson, says it’s a blessing her mother is still living. Brown, who is bedridden, is constantly surrounded by family members, including three living children, who keep a watchful eye on her.

Brown, who was born Sept. 22, 1904, in Georgia and has lived in Ohio since 1922, used to credit sweet potatoes for keeping her in good health.


“Everybody believed that was helping her live longer,” Wilson told WJW-TV on Friday. “I don’t believe it’s a secret; it’s her belief in God and he’s allowed this, and I’m thankful for that.”

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