11-Year-Old Forced to Clean School Toilets During Detention

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
Henry Hawkins

Henry Hawkins, a Maryland fifth-grader, was caught arguing with another student. He was ordered to stay for detention after school. The 11-year-old later asked his mother whether she liked to clean toilets, since that was what he was told to do for his punishment.

"If you want to give them detention, that’s fine," Neshanna Turner, Henry's mother, angrily told Fox29 in Philadelphia. "Have them come in, sit down, do their homework. Give them an essay or a writing assignment."


Requiring a student to clean toilets was not a fitting punishment, Turner told the news station.

Henry stayed home the next day after the cleaning chemicals aggravated his asthma.

"The appropriateness of any disciplinary action taken is always subject to internal review and/or may be appealed," the Forestville school said in a statement.

Read more at Fox29 in Philadelphia.

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