105-Year-Old Golden State Warriors Fan: ‘They Are Going to Win’


Ms. Sweetie is going to be 106 years old soon, but the spry “human being”—she doesn’t like calling herself an old lady—is an avid basketball fan, and nothing is going to stop her from cheering on her favorite team, the Golden State Warriors, as they play in the NBA Finals.

In an interview with ESPN, Sweetie, who declares that she’s from the “old school,” is quite certain that her team will win the championship.


“They are going to win,” she says matter-of-factly. “When it’s over, you’ll say, ‘That old lady did say they were going to win.’”

Sweetie told ESPN that she watches every Warriors game, mostly from the foot of her bed. And don’t even thinking about interrupting her or talking to her when there’s a game on. 

“They better be careful, [because] I don’t want to insult anybody,” she said with a little huff, “but don’t interfere with me and my game.”

Sweetie’s favorite Warrior is forward Draymond Green. She admires MVP Steph Curry, but sometimes the point guard frustrates her with his fancy dribbling. She says it increases the chances that the ball will be stolen. 


The centenarian isn’t at all worried about the Cavaliers or LeBron James.

“I just don’t like him,” Sweetie says, screwing up her face. “I don’t want to watch him because I think he thinks … he knows more than anybody on the floor, and that’s wrong. That is so wrong.” 


Watch the video below:

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