‘1000 Years of Darkness’ Will Begin If Mississippi Elects Its First Black Senator, According to Its Governor

 Mike Espy, Democratic candidate and apparent bringer of the apocalypse
Mike Espy, Democratic candidate and apparent bringer of the apocalypse
Photo: Drew Angerer (Getty Images)

So I guess Mississippi could possibly elect a Final Fantasy villain to the Senate this year? At least, that is if you believe Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant.


Deep South Voice writes that the governor took to Twitter last weekend and said: “If Mike Espy and the liberal Democrats gain the senate we will take that first step into a thousand years of darkness.” Interesting word choice when describing the consequences of Mississippi electing its first black Senator in over 139 years. Even more interesting when you realize he’s doing this in support of Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith. Remember her? She was the lady that said she would be front row at a public lynching. Yeah, folks, they racist-racist.

Mississippi has a very long and very violent history of racism. Six hundred black people were lynched between 1877 to 1950, the most of any state. Up until 2017, the state still had predominately segregated schools. This makes it all the more unsurprising that the governor believes Mike Espy being elected to the Senate would open the doors of Guf and bring about the fourth impact. We’re talking about the same man who, after Hyde-Smith came under fire for her lynching comments, went on a podium and compared black women getting abortions to genocide. Hyperbolic racism just seems to be this dude’s go-to.

Espy previously ran in the runoff election in 2018 where Hyde-Smith was initially elected. Espy was an elected Congressman from 1987-1993 until President Clinton appointed him to US Secretary of Agriculture. Hyde-Smith, on the other hand, is just another racist.

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Mississippi is known for currently having its shit together. I can see why they wouldn’t want to mess with the formula.