Demonstrators in Los Angeles (Getty Images)
Demonstrators in Los Angeles (Getty Images)

Michigan Rep. John Conyers, who is considered dean of the Congressional Black Caucus, writes in a blog entry at the Huffington Post that it is time for troops and American dollars to come home after 10 years of war in Afghanistan. Money is being wasted, and no one is being made safer at home or abroad.

Today, we mark the 10-year anniversary of the War in Afghanistan. After 10 years, it is clear money is being wasted on military spending and wars that aren't making us safer, and are doing nothing for ordinary people in Afghanistan and Pakistan and beyond. It's working people in Michigan, and throughout the rest of the country, who understand that — but unfortunately not enough of my colleagues in Congress …


Americans get it — 64 percent of Americans already say that the war in Afghanistan is just not worth fighting. But it sure seems like no one is listening. Because just this year, taxpayers in my congressional district are paying about $172 million just for our share of the war in Afghanistan. That war isn't doing anything to make us safer — the CIA and all the rest of the intelligence agencies admit there are only 50 or 100 al-Qaeda members even left in Afghanistan. But the numbers of civilian casualties are higher than they've been since this war began ten years ago.

Read Rep. John Conyer's entire blog entry at the Huffington Post.

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