I stopped watching music channels a long time ago but could not resist tuning in to VH1's Behind The Music: Bobby Brown. Brown has been vilified for everything, but in total, he didn't seem like such a bad guy. Just a good guy who made some bad choices. Celebrities make crappy role models, unless they are flawed. Then there is a lot for you take away from thier life experience. I know you've been wondering, so as a public service, I present….

10 Things You Could Learn from Bobby Brown

1) Talent will take you far, if you let it.

2) Humility has no practical purpose

3) You might go broke singing background, but you'll probably go broke anyways.

4) You can get effed up on live TV.

5) Common interest won't necessarily keep you and your spouse together.

6) Discretion is the better part of valor.

7) Groupies-turned-authors are not your friends.

8) It's never too late to make a comeback.

9) There is never any sense in arguing with her side of the story.

10) Cocaine is a helluva drug.

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