1 Dead, 1 Critically Injured in Fight Over Umbrella at NYC McDonald’s

New York Daily News Screenshot
New York Daily News Screenshot

A dispute over an umbrella turned deadly Friday morning at a McDonald's in New York City's East Harlem community when a quarrel between two couples erupted into a "savage knife-stabbing frenzy," reports the New York Daily News.

The incident occurred on a bustling commercial strip during peak rush hour traffic outside the McDonald’s at 125th Street and Lexington Avenue. Inside the eatery about 8 a.m., the couples fought over "ownership of the flimsy-looking umbrella," the report says.

"There was blood everywhere," an eyewitness told the Daily News, which obtained a video of the incident that shows a man in army fatigues with a large curved knife sinking the blade three times into the back of an unsuspecting woman.


That victim, Nancy Estevez, 46, was struggling with her attacker's girlfriend, "each one clutching and twisting one end of the umbrella in a bizarre tug of war, when she was stabbed from behind on the busy street," writes the Daily News. She was critically injured, while her boyfriend was fatally stabbed during the melee.

Jesus Santiago, 46, and his girlfriend Monica Hernandez, 36, were arrested, though no charges were immediately filed, the report says.

People in the neighborhood told the Daily News that the victim who died was a homeless man who lived on Wards Island and was in the vicinity to visit a methadone maintenance clinic.

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