Who Wears Short Shorts?

Who wears skin-colored shorts under a tennis skirt that's likely blow in the air as she serves up 100+ mph tennis balls? Queen of the courts Venus Williams! Now if you think this photo's bad, check out what the Associated Press has floating around on its wires.

Bursting out on the Scene

In his essay on The Root about the diss of the Williams sisters in early 2009, writer Jewel Woods writes: "After more than a decade of dominance in the world of tennis, the Williams sisters still have not managed to raise everyone’s consciousness about what it means to be beautiful."


They've come a long way since 1999, when two black teenagers from California caused a stir on professional tennis courts with their backhands and their braided, beaded hairstyles.

Before There Was Sasha and Malia…

Even these FAO Schwartz dolls, introduced just before the 2000 U.S. Open, did not do justice to the curvaceous Williams sisters. Whoever shelled out $19.99 for these dolls really got robbed.


Wimbledon: Take that, take that, take that! Serena during the women's first round of the All England Lawn Tennis Championship, London in 2001.

Pink Boots

The most thrilling thing about watching the Williams sisters in action, in addition to slaughtering their opponents, is just how boldly they flout the all-white dress conventions of the tennis club world. Here's a 2005 shot of Serena Williams warming up during the NASDAQ-100 Open in Key Biscayne, Florida.

Ginormous Earrings

In 2007, Serena was not about to let a high-stakes Australian Open final mess up her accessories game.

Unforced Error

Serena in her big blonde phase. Well, they can't all be winners…

Solid Arms, Solid Win

Serena uses her sculpted biceps to lift up her 2008 Sony Ericsson Trophy.

Glamour Girls

The sisters show some leg on the front row of a recent Zac Posen fashion show. 

Ferocious Feline

Serena, covered in animal print, strikes a sexy pose for the cameras at Elton John's Oscar event. 

Red Hot

Serena shows some skin in a short, firey red dress. 

Who Needs a Racket

Serena loves to surprise people with her tennis outfits. And playing tennis in skin-tight booty shorts is sure to do the trick. No wonder Jamie Foxx wishes he could be her tennis ball

Serena Got Back

Serena may not have the typical backside of a tennis player, but she doesn't try to hid it. 

Lady in Red

Serena poses in a body huggin' red dress with one of her new prizes. 

A Hard Hitter

Serena's curvy silhouette may be an unusual attribute in the tennis community. But we're sure that most people wouldn't mind watching her serve. 

Look at Her Eyes

At a Zac Posen show, the younger Williams sister dresses up her controversial cleavage with a dangling necklace. 

The Queen of Curly

Big wins call for big hair. At a fashion show, Venus lets her curly, black locs fall around her face. 

Our Venus and Our Fire

Venus doesn't have the same curvaceous bod as her sister, but she still knows how to rock her athletic physique. 

Venus Rocks

A leggy Venus rocks a short, sexy dress at a 2004 Fashion Rocks event. 

Low V for Venus

Venus sports a sparkly V-neck ensemble while presenting an award at the 2008 Espys. 

A Giddy Goddess

With short hair and a long dress, Venus shines at a 2008 Metropolitan Museum of Art event. 

America's Next Top Model

Venus is a vision as she glides down a runway in The Heart Truth Red Dress show in 2005. 

Another Wimbledon Win

Venus grins from ear to ear as she holds her 2007 Wimbledon prize, reminding us all why they call her BIG sis'!

Joy of Motion

Venus and Serena Williams celebrate gold after their victory in the women's doubles tennis final at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia.

All Black Beauty

Serena's big sister shows off her grown-up style on David Letterman in the summer of 2007. 

Ripping the Runway

Venus Williams displays a dress from her sister's 'Aneres' collection during a charity fashion show in 2003.

You Got Served

'Nuff said.