Does it really matter who Cain endorses? Rumor has it that he'll endorse Gingrich, but "given his slide in the polls and unanswered questions he's left behind, his endorsement will have minimal impact," Karen Finney, a Democratic consultant and a political analyst for MSNBC, told Monday. "This is more about Cain's ego than strategy."

Idris Elba to play Nelson Mandela in biopic: According to, the film, set to begin production in 2012, will be the "official" biopic of Nelson Mandela's life, and Edba, star of the BBC crime thriller Luther, will take on the leading role.


Video: Romney will skip Trump-moderated debate: Is it an issue with the schedule or the host? Listen to him explain why he won't be there.

Carl Thomas returns to R&B: Thomas' fourth album is out today, and talked to him about love and war, coping with a family tragedy and why he'll always be a Bad Boy at heart.