This week's issue of Newsweek, featuring a cover photo of GOP hopeful Michele Bachmann, has sparked a slew of criticism about why the photo of her looking cross-eyed and slightly less than sane was the one selected. "Be honest — you used that photo to make Michele Bachmann look crazy," Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough said to the editor, Tina Brown.

In this video, she defends the choice, saying, "Some people look at this and picture and think Michele Bachman looks crazy. Some people look at it and think, 'This is the next president of the United States.' I think the fact that these things are not mutually exclusive is pretty compelling."


Compelling, to say the least. This debate misses a more serious issue: While the Newsweek cover will be forgotten next week, Bachman's Tea Party policies — and supporters — seem to be around to stay. And "crazy" is actually one of the nicest words we can think of to describe that reality.

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