Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope

Last night’s “Flesh and Blood”—the last episode before next week’s season finale—sent us reeling even deeper into despair. Yes, everything is awful, and every moment is dripping with overwhelming emotion, and it’s like everyone’s living in the twilight zone, but it’s not all bad. Things could always be worse, right? So instead of focusing on what’s going wrong (pretty much everything), let’s look at the bright side:

Papa Pope is freelancing. Unemployment can be really hard. So seeing Papa Pope back in action doing work was really refreshing. He’s still unemployed (let’s face it: Jake’s not quitting command), but at least he’s got something to keep him busy—especially if that something is killing your ex-wife’s longtime lover while your daughter begs you not to. Staying active is key to finding another job.


Leo Bergen is great with youths. Young people are difficult, and not everyone gets along with them. Especially not with rich, privileged, private school kids like Jerry Jr.’s girlfriend. It takes talent and passion to reach out to young people. Let’s just say bribing a high school student into getting her boyfriend’s DNA to sabotage his dad’s presidential campaign ain’t an easy task, and Leo did it with patience and grace. Leo loves the kids.

Quinn and Huck make it official. I guess. Since Quinn just won’t die, this week she rocks a wifebeater while trying not to press every one of Charlie’s crazy buttons, then promptly does exactly what he’s afraid of (hooks up with Huck). Quinn seems to be inching her way back to OPA. And by that I mean she’s having violent sex with Huck in the garage attached to OPA. Could this be the beginning of the end of all the crazy?  

Mama Pope stays slaying. Weave swept to one side. Lipstick. Heels. Flawless. Aside from being a criminal, this lady is everything. Yes, Mama Pope is a cold-blooded terrorist, but can we all just acknowledge how bad this lady is? And by bad I mean extremely well dressed and dripping with swag (but also completely morally bankrupt).


Mellie is starting to take her life back. Yes, she is totally going nuts in the process, but it’s a good thing. She’s unraveling and finally letting go of all the pain. Even if the first step is drinking heavily, then letting it slip in front of Olivia that your first child might be the son of your father-in-law, Mellie is taking control (kinda) and making an effort to let the truth come out on her own terms.

Cyrus is evil, but at least he knows who he is. Cyrus doesn’t seem to have any identity issues. He’s not tormented by his evil ways as we once thought. He knows he’s the worst and he’s cool with that. Cyrus is so chill that he’s literally giddy with joy when he decides to let Sally Langston possibly die along with hundreds of other innocent people—all just to win an election. The lesson here is you should always be comfortable with who you are and just be easy-breezy and enjoy life.*

Jake loves Olivia, and she’s kinda, sorta starting to love him, too. Yes, Olivia’s mom may very well have killed her dad. Yes, her mom is an international terrorist who is trying to kill the leader of the free world, who happens to be the man Olivia loves. Yes, her very conception was a lie to get information for terrorist purposes. Yes, the man she loves is married and still in love with his wife. And yes, I can safely say that Olivia is suffering from at least two of the symptoms of major depression and seriously needs to take my advice, but on the bright side, Jake loves her. Have you seen Jake? He is tall and luscious, and his eyes sparkle in the night and his lips are always moisturized. At the very least, Olivia is finally starting to see a life without Fitz.

*Just kidding, there is no lesson. Cyrus needs holy water and a priest. (Bows head in prayer for baby Ella.)

Charla Lauriston is a standup comedian and the creator of Clench & Release, a Web series about the frustrations of everyday life in New York City. Follow her on Twitter.

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