Mayor Nutter last year at a hearing (Getty Images)

Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Annette John-Hall recounts Mayor Michael Nutter's recent tirade against black youth mobs, in which he says, "You've damaged your own race."

Once again, Michael Nutter is not messin' around.

You know he's not playing when he pulls out the black vernacular.

And there was a whole lot of it during his 30-minute rant — I mean, sermon — from behind the pulpit to a packed congregation Sunday at Mount Carmel Baptist Church in West Philadelphia.


Disgusted by the mobs of African American youths who have been terrorizing folks in City Center lately, he gave the black community a good old-fashioned whipping.

I could almost hear my grandmother say, "Get me a switch!"

He chastised black fathers for being nothing more than "sperm donors." He called out "doggone" hoodie-wearing teens who'd never get jobs with their underwear or the "crack of your butt" showing. And he came down on neglectful parents who "need to get a hold of your kids before we have to."


It was like he channeled his best Bill Cosby, which he pulls out when he feels he needs to.

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