Poor hand-eye coordination could land Plaxico Burress in prison for at least seven years. He was arraigned Monday on weapons charges stemming from a nightclub shooting early Saturday morning…in which he shot himself. A witness saw the New York Giants wide receiver toying with his waistline just before his .40-caliber Glock pistol discharged, sending a round through his right thigh. What with the gun being unlicensed and all, Burress decided the sensible thing would be to find a “discreet” hospital for treatment. He thought that, surely, being a 6-foot-5, 232-lb. man who caught the game-winning pass in Super Bowl XLII, he could go about unrecognized in the city of his stardom. He checked into Weill Cornell Medical Center under an assumed name and was released shortly before police arrived Saturday afternoon. Officials say the hospital, the Giants, the NFL, and teammate Antonio Pierce, who was at the club with Burress, failed to report the incident. Burress should have his critical thinking skills tested again before he heads to Manhattan Criminal Court on March 31 for his next hearing.