Paul Ryan (Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images)

On Saturday morning, Paul Ryan did his best to combat his bad reputation regarding Medicare. The Republican vice presidential nominee brought his mother, Betty Ryan Douglas, along for a speech he delivered to a sizable retirement community in Florida, saying he wouldn't cut her health care, reports USA Today.

Ryan pointed to his 78-year-old mother who joined him. He says he isn't going to hurt his mother's financial security and wouldn't hurt others, either. He says he saw first-hand Medicare's benefits as a child when his grandmother, with Alzheimer's, moved in with his family.

However, the 42-year-old congressman says the program needs to be overhauled during his generation so his children will be able to count on it, too.

Betty Ryan Douglas was on stage with her congressman son Saturday at the world's largest retirement community as the Republican campaign tried to blunt withering criticism from President Barack Obama and his allies. The Democratic team charges that presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Ryan would gut programs for older people.

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