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(The Root) — Golden girl Gabby Douglas led the Pledge of Allegiance at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday evening in Charlotte, N.C. The 16-year-old Olympian told Politico that she planned to "go out there, be myself and have fun."

Looks like she did just that. Just before she led the Pledge, she snapped a shot of her and famed saxophonist Brandon Marsalis, who joined her onstage and played the national anthem. Check out Douglas' tweet, some more Twitter shoutouts and appreciation and a video of the pledge. Oh, and as one of our Facebook readers observed, her arms look Michelle Obama-svelte!

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Big Thursday night surprise for the DNC: Gabby Douglas revealed to be third Obama daughter. (Because SERIOUSLY.)

— Cymbeline (@Cymbeline3) September 5, 2012

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