Christopher Polk/Getty Images

What do you do when your "high profile" neighbors have a "domestic dispute," and the reality-television star wife shows up at your house bleeding from her head?

According to the 911 tape released by Davie County, Fla., police Monday night, the caller who contacted authorities half an hour after Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada's reported violent weekend altercation opted to stay very calm and urge police to "not make a scene" about the "misunderstanding," while conceding that Lozada probably needed stitches.

Here's what the voice heard on the recording says:

"I have somebody here at my house that was in a little domestic dispute with their husband, and I think we need to have a police officer come here and talk to her … It's my next door neighbor, and this is his wife … I think it was just a misunderstanding but we're worried he's going to get upset …  she probably is going to need stitches … let's not make a big scene, if we can."


Johnson was arrested and bonded out Sunday morning and was cut from the Dolphins later that day, the Associated Press reports.

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