According to All Africa, The ICC is considering whether or not they should add genocide to the list of charges brought against Sudan President Omar al-Bashir

In a ruling issued on Wednesday, the chamber ordered a court pre-trial panel which last year issued a warrant for Bashir's arrest on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity to reconsider the issue of adding the crime of genocide to the arrest warrant.

When the panel issued the warrant last March, two of three judges said the prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, had failed to provide reasonable grounds for believing that Bashir had the "specific intent" to destroy the Fur, Masalit and Zaghawa ethnic groups in Darfur. As a result, they refused to include genocide as one of the charges.

But the Appeals Chamber said Wednesday that the standard of proof the panel had adopted was "too demanding at the arrest warrant stage." It emphasised it was deciding a question of procedural law, not the question of whether Bashir was, or was not, responsible for genocide.

At present Bashir stands accused on seven counts, five of crimes against humanity - including murder, extermination, forcible transfer, torture and rape - and two of war crimes - intentionally directing attacks and civilians, and pillaging.

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