Quintonio LeGrier    

A Chicago police officer who shot and killed a black teenager is planning to sue the teen's estate, claiming that the teen attacked him, CBS Chicago reports

Chicago Police Officer Robert Rialmo's lawyer, Joel Brodsky, told the news station that he plans to file a counterclaim against the estate of 19-year-old Quintonio LeGrier on the grounds of assault and emotional distress. 


The attorney for the LeGrier family, Bill Foutris, called it a "desperate and baseless" attempt to draw attention away from the fact that the teen was shot four times in the back, the news station notes. 

Although city lawyers have not been forthcoming with information about the case, the lawyer for the family of Bettie Jones—an innocent bystander who was shot during the incident—spoke with the press, noting his efforts to make information public. 

"We've tried to reiterate at every hearing that we will resist and object to the entry of any protective order over what we think is the public's information," attorney Larry Rogers Jr. told CBS Chicago. 


Rogers said that so far he has received some 43 dash-cam videos, mostly showing the aftermath of the shooting. He also acknowledged, however, that he is hoping to get other videos from the area, text messages sent that night between Rialmo and his partner, and other information. 

The attorney is also asking for the names and titles of the dispatchers who took LeGrier's 911 calls. On the night of his death, the teen called 911 three times asking for assistance before police arrived. 

"For them to hang up on him, we want to know what that call taker was thinking," Rogers said. "How could she possibly think that was the proper way to handle someone who was in need of police assistance?"

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