I remember this case from the '80s, of the child who was kidnapped from Harlem Hospital, but it's amazing that it went unsolved all these years, until the victim herself solved it. Her entire childhood was spent being raised by her abductor in what she describes as an abusive environment.

Carlina White, when only 19 days old, was taken from her young parents in Harlem Hospital by a mysterious woman dressed in a nurse's uniform. Almost 23 years later, she and her parents, Joy White and Carl Tyson, are reunited.

White's abduction in the summer of 1987 stunned the city. "Just give me my baby back! Please! I want her back now. Just want her back," said her mother, back in 1987 from the hospital.

The family spoke with the New York Post after their joyous reunion. "When I lost my daughter, oh my God, that was just like a big part of my heart just ripped apart," Tyson said.


Find out how Carlina White is doing in the video below.

If you think you have a lead on a missing child, speak up — you know our kids get too little attention when they go missing — and contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

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