Every year around the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, there's a debate about what aspects of contemporary American life would make him proud and what he'd be ashamed to be associated with if he were alive.

This is one of the easier issues.

It's safe to say the late civil rights icon would not be too thrilled see his image associated with a Miami strip club's "I Have a Dream Bash." The graphic designer who put together the flyer with an image of MLK holding a wad of cash with scantily clad women in the background has apologized, NBC Miami reports.


"What was I thinking? Promotion," he said. "It was proposed to me like a birthday bash for Martin Luther King. I put a flyer together without thinking about the effects it would have … I wasn't trying to disrespect anybody. It was just supposed to be a promotional thing, it wasn't about disgracing Martin Luther King; it wasn't about that."

When it comes to not disrespecting anybody and keeping the dream alive, we urge him to try again next year.

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