Donald Trump Looked Directly Into the Eclipse and Unfortunately Did Not Spontaneously Combust

If there was one thing I wished to happen during all of this eclipse hoopla, it was for Donald Trump to somehow spontaneously combust after looking at it directly. Little did I realize that the president, like many other people, would be dumb enough to look directly at the eclipse without eye protection.

How Insecure Reminds Us of the Shitty Decisions We’ve Made (and Are Still Making)

If you’re one of those people who tune in every week to watch Insecure because Issa, Molly and Lawrence remind you of yourself or friends of yours, then last night’s episode did one of two things: It reminded you of all the dumb mistakes you’ve made when dating, or the characters reminded you of that one friend who…


Outfit Yourself For Your Next Adventure With An Extra 15% Off Sitewide From The Clymb [Exclusive]

The Clymb has everything you could need to get outdoors and do it properly, for a whole lot less than you’d think you’d need to pay. Right now, take your pick of apparel, gear, hiking accessories, and more, and grab 15% off when you use the code KINJA15. With brands like Prana, Burton, Merrel, New Balance, Klymit, and…