Hundreds of protesters from Occupy D.C. and around the country joined in unison yesterday for the "Day of Action: Occupiers United" rally, which took over K Street in Washington, D.C.

"K Street is the place to be if you're going to stop the moneybags who are corrupting our government!" Jim Sessions, 75, a Methodist minister from Tennessee who was one of the protesters arrested, told the Washington Post.


The protesters focused their attention on the lobbying firm of John Podesta, the Podesta Group, who happened to be the chief of staff of former President Bill Clinton. The protesters laid down on a road near K Street around the firm. But the day quickly turned chaotic when police officers arrested 62 people after various protesters blocked the roads with their bodies, furniture and tents. The tensions began to rise when police told them to move and they refused to do so.

Today marked the second day of increased tensions in the Occupy DC movement. The protesters continued their march last night to the White House and various federal government buildings.

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