Matthew Apperson 
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The man who allegedly shot at George Zimmerman during a traffic dispute in Florida is not exactly remorseful: Cops note that they overheard him saying, “I hope I got him this time,” WESH reports.

Matthew Apperson, the 36-year-old who has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and firing a deadly missile in an occupied conveyance, has since surrendered his guns and ammunition to the authorities.

According to WESH, Apperson was bonded out of jail over the weekend and is set to be arraigned in late June.

Apperson, an officer noted in the arresting documents, seems “fixated” on Zimmerman and displays “unusual behavior.”

“After conducting numerous interviews throughout the week, detectives determined that Mr. Apperson did intentionally fire his weapon into the vehicle occupied by George Zimmerman,” police said in a news release, the news station notes.


Judge Michael Rudisill agreed to set Apperson’s bond at $35,000 on a number of conditions, including zero access to firearms and zero contact with Zimmerman.

Zimmerman claimed that Apperson was the one who instigated the incident last week, pulling up behind him in traffic and saying, “You remember me, you fat f—k?”

Apperson also allegedly said, according to Zimmerman, “You owe me your life. The only reason I didn’t press charges on you is because I wanted to kill you myself.”


Apperson’s attorney claimed that his client fired out of self-defense after Zimmerman waved a gun at him. However, Zimmerman’s attorney said that his client never pulled a weapon.

Police uncovered two handguns from Apperson’s vehicle, including a .40-caliber Glock 22 and a .357 revolver. The two men were apparently involved in a long-standing dispute over a September incident in which Apperson claimed Zimmerman tried to kill him.

Apperson, like Zimmerman, has quite the arrest record and has been convicted at least four times. In 2005 Apperson allegedly punched out a woman’s car window during a road rage incident, but she ultimately did not press charges. Police have also been called to Apperson’s home at least 15 times since July 2012.


Apperson, however, has not been arrested in the past 10 years.

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