Zaida Pugh, Cricket Prankster, to Volunteer With Youth Program

Zaida Pugh

Zaida Pugh, 21, the Bronx, N.Y., woman who dropped live crickets in the New York City subway in August, told a court that she's going to be volunteering with a youth program, according to the New York Daily News.

She was charged with reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct for selling crickets and worms on a D train on Aug. 24 while pretending to be a homeless woman. Pugh has a history of pranks.


According to the Daily News, Pugh has decided to start volunteering with a youth alternative-to-incarceration program called Young New Yorkers. She also wants to feed the homeless.

“I'm continuing going out of my way to feed the homeless because nobody else will,” she said.

If convicted, Pugh faces up to a year in jail. She is expected to be back in court Jan. 31.

Read more at the New York Daily News.

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