Youth Coach Resigns After Whitney N-Word Facebook Slur


A suburban-Chicago youth-baseball coach has resigned after he called Whitney Houston a "dumb stupid n—ger" on his Facebook page, according to the Huffington Post.

John Kelly resigned from the board of Westside Baseball of Oak Lawn, a youth league, on Sunday after he was suspended late last week.

Kelly said that he has received death threats through email, text messages and the league website's guestbook. He claims that he is not a racist and this has ruined his life. "I can't deal with it anymore. I'm here to volunteer to help kids, and this is the [expletive] I have to go through," Kelly told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Kelly's road to resignation began when he posted a derogatory status update about Whitney Houston on his Facebook page: "She's the dumb ass that decided to do drugs n kill herself stay with that woman beater … she blew more $$ up her nose than most of ye will make in yer lifetime … there are kids dying real fathers n mothers fighting for their lives … grow up ye dumb assess … think she'd give a flying f—- about u???? Just saying." He also said he was "so sick of reading about this dumb stupid n—ger Whitney Houston."

Unfortunately for him, a mother of a former league player saw the post. Even worse for Kelly, the woman was African American and highly offended by the use of the racist slur. The woman exposed Kelly to the school board.


Kelly claims that he didn't even realize he'd used the n-word in the status update until after he posted the comment. He has been banned from managing a team for one year, though he may volunteer in other ways, according to the Chicago Tribune.

If Kelly didn't realize he put the n-word in that comment, perhaps that means he uses the word so often that he doesn't even notice.

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