'You're Like Orange Savages': Man Captures Neighbor on Camera Hurling Anti-Filipino Slurs

Dexter Manawat

Another day, another person being caught on a racist tirade.

This time, a Las Vegas man posted a Facebook video of his neighbor going off on a rant in an argument that he said stemmed from cleaning up leaves.


Dexter Manawat told KTNV that his neighbor got out her broom, and while she went about sweeping, she started yelling at him.

"Go back to where I come from?" Manawat is heard asking the woman calmly on the video.

"You heard what I said," the woman responds.

"And where did I come from?" says Manawat, continuing to play along.

"From some piece of [s—t], Manila-ass, [f—king] ghetto living under a tarp piece of [s—t] land," the neighbor is heard ranting. "You're like one generation out of the jungle. Like [f—king] loincloth wearers."


In another segment of the video, the neighbor declares, "You're [f—king] stupid, you're like orange savages."

Manawat said that after he shared the video, many of his friends from the Filipino community expressed outrage.


"I've never been called orange," he told KTNV. "That was a first."

The woman, who has not been identified, also spoke to the news station, saying that she is afraid of retaliation because the video has gone viral. (Oh, how the tables have turned.)


Manawat acknowledges that he's not the perfect neighbor, but said, "That doesn't mean you have to go off on my culture and nationality."

Like most racists after being caught, the woman insisted to the news station that her anger wasn't directed at the Filipino community or any race (right), and that issues that she and Manawat have had as neighbors for years just prompted her frustration.


"I stooped to the lowest possible denominator to hurt someone because I was angry," she said. "I'm not just saying that because I was 'caught,' what I said wasn't right and I wasn't raised that way."

Both Manawat and the neighbor said that they are both willing to sit with a mediator to try to put aside their differences.


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