'You're in My House': Tamron Hall Shuts Down Guest


In a segment that was supposed to be about the Mitt Romney campaign's poor handling of a story the Washington Post ran about the candidate's bullying past, News Nation host Tamron Hall went head-to-head with frequent MSNBC guest and Washington Examiner correspondent Tim Carney in a verbal battle that ended with his mic getting cut off ("Wait, @tamronhall cut off my mic? Seriously?" Carney later tweeted). Yep, seriously.


The conversation gets good right around the point when he tries to change the subject and accuses the host of playing the "old media trick" of "justifying second-day coverage" by "hyping a story in the first place, then claiming people are talking about it."

Hall points out that he knew exactly what the topics covered in the segment would be and could have passed if he didn't want to talk about anything besides the economy, saying, "You didn't have to accept the invitation to come on. You knew what we were going to be discussing."


When Carney tries to protest, saying something about wanting to "go meta-meta," she cuts him off with, "Hang on. You're kind of in my house here," adding, "You're not going to come on and insult the network." Think he'll be invited back? And if so, will she turn his mic back on?

You have to watch the whole thing. Check it out here.

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