Your President Is a Gotdamn Idiot, and This Video Clip Proves It Once and for All

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People crack jokes about the current president daily. We discuss his lack of finesse and talk about his questionable degree of intelligence and all the idiotic things he says via his Twitter account—the access to which, shockingly, no one has taken from him yet.


We seriously thought that George W. Bush was the worst president ever, and even dubbed him the “village idiot,” but then Donnie Trump comes along and gives us the most epic what the fuck and hold my beer moment possible.

While speaking with CNN at the White House on Friday, your president got on national TV and said that we’ve seen “incredible” results in the loss of life after the horrible storms that rocked our coasts and the Caribbean.

“The loss of life, it’s always tragic, but it’s been incredible, the results that we’ve had with respect to loss of life. People can’t believe how successful that has been, relatively speaking,” Trump said.

What? Did I hear that correctly?

There have been “incredible results” due to the loss of life from these storms? Are you serious right now?


Listen, I know there has been plenty of speculation concerning his intelligence, his ability to handle his job, his ability to handle even the quickest interactions with foreign dignitaries, but this?

One of my editors suggested that maybe we are watching him have a stroke in real time.


My theory is that this man is the real-life embodiment of the Brick Tamland character from Anchorman.

Just random, nonsensical bullshit spewing from his mouth at every possible moment.

I want to apologize on behalf of this fucking idiot and our country in general to everyone who may have been harmed or triggered by his statements. Please know that the vast majority of us here in the United States are concerned for your safety and well-being.


We sure aren’t over here taking victory laps over the number of people who have died in these horrific storms.

Can we impeach him already?


Mortal Dictata

I didn’t like Dubya, he was stupid and made a lot of horrendous decisions that led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands but very rarely did it feel like he wanted that to happen but rather he was stupid and others took advantage of that for their own insane agendas. Yes his paintings aren’t amazing and the idea of it making up for the consequences of his action laughable but at least it feels like he’s genuine in the remorse expressed through it.

Trump however is just point blank a vicious sociopath who only cares for one thing and that’s how it’ll reflect on him and how he can be the big man as a result, creating falsehoods and racebaiting to make the situation worse so it’s even bigger to deal with.

“I had the biggest natural disasters to deal with so look how great I am!”

“Look at all these Blacks killing each other and how I dealt with it!”

tl;dr Dubya may have been a moron but at least he wasn’t a sociopathic moron.