Your 'President' Is a Big Fat Liar Who Seems Obsessed With Walls

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I’m sure as “President” Donald Trump sat up on Monday night writing out his new year resolutions, “stop lying” was not one of them.


It is abundantly clear that he intends to keep lying no matter what because it is his favorite pastime—second only to shoveling Big Macs into his gullet.

His latest set of lies are in relation to the notorious wall that he wants to build at the U.S./Mexico border. You know—the one Mexico was supposed to be paying for but now Trump wants $5 billion for it, and he’ll pay us back when he gets his money back from Mexico-allegedly

The first lie came on Sunday when, in defending his need for a wall at the Mexican border, Trump told his Twitter audience that the Obamas “built” a ten-foot wall around their home in Washington, D.C.

“President and Mrs. Obama built/has a ten foot Wall around their D.C. mansion/compound,” Trump wrote. “I agree, totally necessary for their safety and security. The U.S. needs the same thing, slightly larger version!”

That is completely false.

As the Washington Post notes, Trump made the assertion as our country sits in the middle of government shutdown that began on Dec. 22 after Trump threw a temper tantrum and demanded that Congress approve $5 billion in funding to build his completely unnecessary border wall.


Too bad two of the Obamas’ neighbors told the Post that no such wall exists around the Obama home. In fact, the entire 8,200 square foot home is completely visible from the street.

One of the neighbors, who spoke to the Post on the condition of anonymity (cause you know your president is known to personally attack people who disagree with him) said that Trump “has a very active imagination.”


“There’s a fence that goes along the front of the house, but it’s the same as the other neighbors have,” the neighbor said. “It’s tastefully done.”

Saying Trump has “a very active imagination” is a very polite way of saying “Nah, that fool be lying.”


His lies continued on Wednesday morning, when got on Twitter and boldly proclaimed “Mexico is paying for the Wall through the new USMCA Trade Deal. Much of the Wall has already been fully renovated or built. We have done a lot of work. $5.6 Billion Dollars that House has approved is very little in comparison to the benefits of National Security. Quick payback!”


The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, which is Trump’s rebranded version of NAFTA—a trade agreement that has been in place since 1994. There is nothing in the USMCA that stipulates Mexico will pay for any portion of the wall, and it still has not been ratified by Congress—so what is this man even talking about?

Someone should let Trump know that he ain’t got to lie to kick it. We already know he’s full of shit. He doesn’t have to repeatedly prove it to us on a daily basis.

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