Elaih Wagan's father holds her at the NRA convention. (Twitter)

The National Rifle Association capped its annual convention in Houston on Sunday by hosting a "Youth Day" event that included free six-month memberships offered to kids, the Daily News reports. It came a day after the organization welcomed the youngest member in attendance, Elaih Wagan. Tweets from the event described her as a "three year old black girl adopted by Texans." (It's safe to assume that her grandfather — who paid the dues — also filled out the paperwork for her.)

Given her age (just a few years younger than the Newtown, Conn., school-shooting victims and a year older than the child who was accidentally shot by her 5-year-old brother last week) and her race (which she shares with many of the victims of Chicago's gun-violence epidemic), Elaih could be the poster child for the anti-gun movement. But at least until she's old enough to decide for herself, it looks as if she's destined to be a miniature weapons advocate.

Anti-gun protesters, reading names of gun-violence victims across the street from the George R. Brown Convention Center while the youth event was under way, accused the NRA of "brainwashing these kids to love guns."

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