You Hate to See It: Repeatedly Yelling 'Trump 2020' Gets Man Kicked Off a Plane and Charged for His Role in Capitol Riot

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There is no group in this country that loves snitching on itself more than Trump supporters. Half the reason those who rioted at the Capitol are being arrested is because they felt the need to document themselves committing a crime. A man who was caught on video yelling “We did it, yeah!” while rioting at the Capitol was arrested after being kicked off a plane for repeatedly yelling “Trump 2020!”


Apparently, this man just likes to yell.

According to CNN, on Jan. 8 John Lolos was on a Delta plane leaving Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in D.C. when he wouldn’t stop yelling “Trump 2020!” The plane was taxiing, but like a good Black parent, the pilot turned the plane around because Lolos wouldn’t cut that shit out. Lolos was eventually kicked off the plane and sent back to the gate.

An airport police officer identified only as Officer Braddock witnessed Lolos being escorted from the plane, but didn’t think too much of it. It was only 45 minutes when Officer Braddock was scrolling through Instagram that he saw a video of Lolos, in the exact same clothes he wore at the airport, exiting the Capitol building during the riot.

“During the video LOLOS can be seen exiting the U.S. Capitol doorway, wearing the same shirt he was wearing the (at) the airport, and was waving a red ‘Trump 2020 Keep America Great’ flag hooked together with the United States flag, yelling ‘we did it, yeah!’” a federal agent wrote in an affidavit.

After realizing it was Lolos on the video, Office Braddock notified the Capitol Police Dignitary Protection Division, who were already onsite at the airport. The agents approached Lolos, informed him that he was not free to leave, and found the flags from the video among his possessions during the arrest.

Now, maybe it’s just me, but if I had just committed a federal crime that pissed off a large swath of the nation, I probably wouldn’t wear the exact same clothes I wore at the scene of the crime. That’s not just dumb, that’s also mad unhygienic, b. I also would probably throw away the flags, and you know, maybe not yell “Trump 2020” on a plane after the riot.


Seriously, ol’ boy was on a plane home. He could’ve bought himself at least a couple more days to, uh, eat Cracker Barrel and read conspiracy theories online? I gotta be honest, I have no fucking idea how these people spend their time.

Instead, Lolos got himself arrested and charged with “knowingly entering or remaining in a restricting building without lawful authority, and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.” All because he couldn’t just shut the fuck up. And, you know, because he was part of a failed insurrection.

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As a pretty progressive dude, I wasn’t happy that Trump won 2016, I was pretty angry & discouraged.... but I believed it.

The level of idiocy of these people that think “I really love my guy” but can’t imagine “there’s a lot of people who hate my guy”. It must be some hoax or fraud that he lost fair and square. How far down the rabbit hole do you have to be that you can’t imagine that democracy might not result in the outcome that you choose?

....and then to think “I know how I’ll overturn the election: I’ll scream his name on a moving airplane until I get kicked off”. Fucking bizarre.