Yes, the Seattle Seahawks Busting Out the 'If It Isn't Love' Dance Routine Was the Blackest Moment in NFL History

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Screenshot: ESPN video (via Twitter)

Throughout the course of its history, the NFL has gone to great lengths to curtail touchdown celebrations. It’s handed out fines, dished out 15-yard penalties and pissed off millions of fans in the process. But now that the league has come to its senses and embraced the beauty of a well-orchestrated touchdown celebration, we’ve entered an era unlike any other.


On Monday night, Seattle Seahawks wide receiver David Moore snatched the soul out of the Minnesota Vikings’ chest with a 60-yard touchdown at the end of the third quarter. And instead of merely spiking the ball or hitting the Dougie, he dug deep into his melanin and blessed us all with this blackstravaganza:


Yes, that’s the iconic routine from New Edition’s “If It Isn’t Love” music video.

We are all witnesses. Black history has been made.

Unfortunately, there are those of us who didn’t quite grasp the magnitude of what exactly transpired. Black Twitter told Good Morning America host Michael Strahan about himself after he apparently confused The Blackest Moment in NFL History for an *NSYNC tribute—though the Seahawks have love for Justin and them, too.


And ESPN host Elle Duncan apparently made a similar faux pas.


But in my quest to be a better me, I’ll forgive them all and instead focus on the execution and brilliance of this beautifully black-ass moment that will be etched in our memories until the end of time.


“That was something we’ve been practicing,” Moore told the NFL Network. “We love old school, we love just having fun, and New Edition was the plan tonight so that’s why we had to do it.”


Now can we get the dance sequence from “Remember the Time”? Pretty please?

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