Yes, Issa Rae Is Too Booked and Busy for Insecure Right Now. No, 'Busy' Doesn't Mean 'Baby'

Issa Rae attends the premiere of Universal Pictures ‘Little’ on April 8, 2019 in Westwood, Calif.
Issa Rae attends the premiere of Universal Pictures ‘Little’ on April 8, 2019 in Westwood, Calif.
Photo: Presley Ann (Getty Images)

Issa Rae is a busy woman. She is a Cover Girl, she’s building up that IMDb filmography, and I’m sure there’s likely some other pending projects we’re not even aware of yet.


As we reported earlier this week, HBO confirmed their hit comedy Insecure won’t be returning until 2020, basically taking a lead from their frustratingly memorable Game of Thrones season gaps.

People with sense immediately figured it had to do with the fact Issa’s schedule is a bit packed, and adding one more thing—especially a whole ass show she co-created and stars in—could negatively affect the quality.

But noooo, a woman has to be with child.

In reaction to the news, one fan of the show expressed her disappointment, but went one step further with a huge assumption: Issa is pregnant.

*record scratch*

Incorrect, sis.

“I didn’t suck my stomach in for ONE press pic and y’all impregnated me,” Rae tweeted in response.


Women, especially working women in the Hollywood industry, are often faced with societal pressures to look put-together at all times. If that stomach ain’t constantly on flat-flat, then you’re definitely gestating a tiny human up in that uterus. Who cares if you just ate a bagel or retained a bit of water weight that day, fuck basic biology! Pregnant or nothing!


As The Glow Up’s Managing Editor Maiysha Kai pointed out about this very phenomenon:

Of course, Haddish is just one of many celebs who has been under scrutiny by a public that has long preferred women to look like snacks rather than occasionally indulge in them. Case in point: in 2017, Rihanna was heavily critiqued for showing off a thicker physique than her fanbase was accustomed to. While the megastar acknowledged that her added curves come with advantages and caveats, she also continued to flaunt them in any number of campaigns for her Savage x Fenty lingerie line. Rih even cleverly referenced the discussion in a new shade of lipstick for her highly successful Fenty Beauty brand, appropriately named “Thicc.”


This isn’t the first time Issa’s personal life sparked buzz without her official confirmation. In the case of her love life, engagement news dropped thanks to a couple of excited friends/colleagues, Jay Ellis and Yvonne Orji, expressing general excitement for the comedic juggernaut. Oh, and we spotted that ring!


Still, all of that is a “maybe” until it comes from Issa herself.

Should the time come when Issa decides to have a tiny awkward black baby, she’ll let us know when she wants. And we will deal.

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I really hope HBO increases their budget next season and gives us at least 10 episodes.