So, the intra-racial conversation about nigga is a complicated one. I’m a staunch and veteran nigga user and maven, but I recognize that some black people have very strong feelings against the word and express thoughtful and nuanced rationales for those feelings. I have my own for continuing to use it, but if I’m in the presence of a black person who claims (respectfully) to be deeply offended by it, I won’t.

That said, fuck Jason Whitlock. And not because he has an issue with LeBron saying nigga, but because of what he claims Bron’s nigga use has compelled him to do.


For clarity, the “Colorado” Whitlock is referencing here is when Kobe Bryant was accused of rape. Which means that Whitlock is saying “The use of nigga by a man who a) literally just opened an entire fucking school for poor black kids, b) has been one of the country’s most prominent critics of President Trump, and c) has never been accused of rape, has made me better appreciate the transparently rehabilitative public behavior of a man who a) was accused of rape and b) then started calling himself the “Black Mamba.”

Do you realize how deeply ensconced in the confines of a MAGA colon a person’s head must be to think and then share those thoughts publicly? This, of course, is a rhetorical question because NO ONE KNOWS BECAUSE NO ONE BUT JASON WHITLOCK HAS BURROWED THAT DEEPLY INTO THE ESOPHAGUS OF DARKNESS BEFORE.


Please, Jason, if you can still hear me, come back. I know a few good therapists and a guy with a timeshare at Deep Creek Lake. Maybe you can go there sometime and just sit in the living room and meditate. I’ve been there before and the couches are very comfortable.