I won’t lie to you, if Beyoncé saw my TikTok and added into her very first one...I’d probably spontaneously combust. No, but seriously! I kid you not, the only reason I hopped on TikTok was because Beyoncé did it and I didn’t want to miss out on whatever she had planned. I signed up the same day she did. Prior to her joining, I had been very good at ignoring that app and any and everything that it represented. But now, thanks to Yoncé , I find myself looking forward to the time of the day where I can unwind and watch various TikToks of the best Amazon Home Finds or some influencer’s aesthetically pleasing “Day in the Life” videos.


It’s the distraction I didn’t know I needed and I have Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter to thank for it. Between her TikTok presence, forthcoming Renaissance album, and my new mystery box that’s on the way—she truly is the gift (ha!) that keeps on giving. All hail, Queen Bey!