Women of 'Love & Hip-Hop ATL': Too Far Gone

Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta's cast members (VH1)
Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta's cast members (VH1)

The Root's contributing editor Demetria L. Lucas, a begrudging Love & Hip Hop viewer, writes in her Essence column that the VH1 show's cast members are likely beyond help when it comes to their outrageous antics.

I said to myself, "Self … " (because that's where I start all my internal dialogues) — "Self, you will not write about Love & Hip Hop Atlanta." I knew I was lying" …

Oh, and the person everyone thought was a man masquerading as a woman actually is a woman. Since there was so much confusion, in the wee hours of the morning Joseline (pictured) tweeted a picture that exposed her breasts and intimate lady parts to clear up any confusion. A childhood picture would have proved her point all the same, but that just tells you the type of women being featured. The next morning World Star Hip-Hop posted a soft-porn video of her self-pleasuring.

Volumes could be written on the outrage over Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. But a public dressing-drown of these women probably won't have much effect. Many of them are too far gone, chasing men or chasing fame, to hear a moral appeal to do better on behalf of Black Women United, or at the very least themselves. They need therapy — off camera — and just maybe medication. And prayer. Lots. And a hug — but not from any of the men who they have allowed to suck their self-esteem dry and got them on camera acting plumb foolish. Take it back to grandmama — as long as she wasn't a pimp too.  


Read Demetria L. Lucas' entire column at Essence.com.

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