Edyan Farah, 28, locked five of her children in a closet for more than 10 hours.

Fresh from the "Lord, don't let them be black" file, an Indianapolis woman has been charged in the deaths of two of her children, who were allegedly locked in a closet and left for more than 10 hours. Edyan Farah, 28, locked five of her kids in the upstairs closet and pushed an oversized bed against the door, preventing them from getting out. Farah then left the house. When she returned home more than 10 hours later, she found two of the children "stiff and unresponsive." Farah brought them downstairs and did not call paramedics or try to revive them. Farah was charged with two preliminary counts of neglect of a dependent resulting in death, and her three other children are in foster care. She says she wasn't in her right mind when she locked them in the closet. You think? Maybe someone should lock Farah in the closet for 10 hours without food, water or air and see if she survives. We are completely disgusted over here at The Root.

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